On Wednesday, 6th March (Ash Wednesday) we will begin the season of Lent together – six weeks to prepare as a Church family and as individuals for the great celebration of Easter on 21st April.

On Ash Wednesday, there will be two opportunities to begin Lent by sharing Holy Communion and receiving ashes as a sign of repentance. We will make the ash from last year’s Palm Sunday crosses – if you have a palm cross, could you bring it to Church and leave it at the back by Sunday 3rd March?

Charles and Emma will also be hosting a Lent Book Group at the Vicarage on 5 Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm (12th March-9th April). Each week, we will meet and discuss a chapter of Paula Gooder’s Let Me Go There: The Spirit of Lent. It’s a very accessible and insightful book that will help us on our Lenten journey. Please speak to Charles if you’re interested. You’ll also need to get hold of a copy of the bookletmegothere cover

Watch this space for more details about Lent, Holy Week and Easter


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Pew News is our weekly newsheet giving details of services and other activities at St James and also St Botolph Burton Hastings.

Please feel free to print your own copy by clicking the appropriate links. The documents  are in PDF format.

February 10th

Previous Editions

February 3rd
January 27th
January 20th
January 6th

For archive copies of 2018 editions click here

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 We are looking to recruit new members for the 100 club for 2019.

The 100 club provides a great source of revenue for our church.

Anyone interested in joining should speak to Richard, Chris Worley, Kay or Michael.

100 Club Winners

January 2019 £100 Cliff Hall (28) £50 Paul Whitehead (101) £25 Katie Hodgkins (30) £25 Ruth Walker (49)
 December 2018 £300 Amanda Smith (71) £100 Anne McCreath (67) £50 Pat Orrill (20) £25 Cynthia Breweton (1)
 November 2018        
 October 2018        
September 2018 £300 - May Davies (11) £100 - Julian Gutteridge (62) £50 - Marion Chapman (89) £25 - Norma Slack (105)
August 2018 £100 - Bill Hackett (19) £50 - Margaret Olner (118) £25 - Simon Hodgkins (16) £25 - Sybil Randle (85)
July 2018 £100 -  Cathy Mathieson (109) £50 - Cynthia Brewerton (1) £25 - Rosemary Nesbitt (82) £25 - Kay Whitehead (56)  
June 2018 £300 - Colin Oldham (25) £100 - Carol Corlett (91) £50 - Bill Hackett (19) £25 - Norma Slack (61)
May 2018  £100 - Bellringers (93)  £50 - Penny Hackett (55)  £25 - Jo Young (90) £25 - Mollie Frost (61)




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The site is always being updated to ensure that fresh content and improvements are included.

The following changes have been carried out:

  • The services and events have been incorporated into one calendar.
  • The home page will have a shorter list of services/events
  • A new page with a calendar, clicking on the event will give more details where appropriate.
  • Contact details have been changed from a simple list to a more attractive layout, clicking on the person will display email and phone numbers
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Follow the Church of England Reflections for Christmas

Reflections from the Church House Publishing booklet Follow The Star: A Journey through the 12 Days of Christmas by Isabelle Hamley are copyright 2018 The Archbishops’ Council and used here with permission.
Bible readings are taken from The New Revised Standard Version (Anglicized Edition), copyright 1989, 1995 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. All rights reserved.

Use the links below, you can also subscribe to the emails or download the app for iOS or Android

6th January  - Epiphany (Day 14)

5th January (Day 13)

4th January (Day 12)

3rd January (Day 11)

2nd January(Day 10)

New Years Day (Day 9)

New Years Eve (Day 8)

30th December (Day 7)

29th December (Day 6)

28th December (Day 5)

27th December (Day 4)

Boxing Day (Day 3)

Christmas Day (Day 2)

Christmas Eve (Day 1)


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A huge thank you to everyone, who over the last year helped to make this monthly event such a success.  Also, our grateful thanks to the fabulous bakers, kitchen staff, servers, raffle ticket sellers, table clearers, sweeper uppers, laundry gals, and not forgetting our Mr. Shifters.

Since January, with your help and all the wonderful folk who have streamed through our doors to support us, we have raised the magnificent sum of £4,517.15, before expenses.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our first Coffee Morning of the New Year, 5th January 2019.

Wishing you a Joyous Christmas, and a Happy New Year,

Pam, Joy and Ginny.

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