A Book Review

Isn’t it funny the way God works and brings things together? You think, ‘That’s a coincidence’ and ‘That’s another coincidence’ then you realise they are not just coincidences.

Just over a year ago two people in church made me feel guilty. One was a member of the congregation who made a passing remark that reminded me how little I read the Bible at home. The other was Reverend Liz when she talked about a book called ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace’ by Philip Yancey. The latter guilt was caused because I had been given this book as a gift in 2003 and had not advanced past p1.


So, I resolved to read both books.
I have always had trouble trying to understand how the God of the Old Testament can also be the God of the New Testament. I was just past Leviticus in the Bible when I got to a chapter called ‘No Odballs Allowed’ in the other book, all about the odd things God instructs the Israelites to do in Leviticus. Yancy did not answer my questions but it was so good to know that my confusion was shared by many. It was also a relief when reading this book to find that other things I had worried about were also shared; but most of all ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace’ gave me an insight into God’s Grace that is truly liberating.
So, if you are not the studious type but like a good read these two books could be for you!

Graham Jones