A Book Review

Isn’t it funny the way God works and brings things together? You think, ‘That’s a coincidence’ and ‘That’s another coincidence’ then you realise they are not just coincidences.

There is a time for everything and a season for each activity under Heaven’ chapter 3 Ecclesiastes. I thought of this as I started to write this reflection, summer is nearly over and autumn almost beginning, one of my favourite seasons.
The colours in the trees, the fruits and berries on the shrubs, the garden looks mellow, there’s a new term at school, or a new job to go to. Every season brings new beginnings, a time to take stock of our lives. Autumn to me should be a time to rest. This time it will be one of preparation a busy time. Like many other people I will need to remind myself of the poem-

Leisure by W H Davies
What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare-

so that I can make time to stand back and enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons.

Sarah says she is going to make me do it.

Sue Turner

The definition of a pilgrim, which comes from the Latin word ‘peregrinus’, is a traveller who is on a journey to a holy place. Some of our congregation and others from Ryton Methodist church have formed a bible study group and we call ourselves the ‘Bulkington Pilgrims.’ We welcome newcomers and meet in the library once a month. We are currently studying a Pilgrims course on ‘the Commandments’ written by Canon Dr Paula Gooder, author, speaker, scholar and theologian. We are pilgrims on a journey to explore and expand our knowledge of the Christian faith.

The pilgrimage that eight of us are embarking on this week, St Cuthbert’s Way in Northumberland, is a 100K ( around 60 miles ) walk from Melrose near the Scottish border to Lindisfarne and Holy Island. It opened 22 years ago, has way markers and visits a number of places closely associated with the life of St Cuthbert. It is full of historical interest and natural beauty, abbeys, churches, castles and prehistoric remains. St Cuthbert wrote that “travelling at a natural pace on foot allows time for contemplation, and for the cares and worries that surround us daily to be forgotten....for a while at least!” The guide book we are following advises that there is plenty of wildlife to be seen and that we may well experience variations of weather that would test a Saint!

map st cuthberts
The life of St Cuthbert was very interesting. He nearly died of the deadly yellow plague which swept across Europe in around 650 A.D. he claimed to have been saved by the power of prayer, an experience he never forgot. Never underestimate THE POWER OF PRAYER.

Anne McCreath

Ladies That Natter, are going for a natter and a meal to Pesto at the Axe and Compass in Wolvey Thursday 21st March at 7.30pm. If any Ladies would like to join us you are most welcome. Please speak to Pam

Lent Book Group Update

Thank you for the expressions of interest in the Lent Book Group looking at a different chapter of Paula Gooder’s Let Me Go There: The Spirit of Lent each week.

The group will meet on Tuesday evenings 7:30-9pm at the Vicarage (12th March-9th April).

Several people have said that Tuesday evenings would be difficult, so we are exploring the possibility of a Wednesday afternoon group as well. To help with planning, please sign up on the sheet at the back of Church by Sunday 24th February. If you possibly can, please get hold of a copy of the book. If that would be difficult for you, please put a tick by your name and we will do an online order week beginning 25th February.

To everyone who helped or supported the February  Coffee Morning. Before expenses the total raised was a fantastic £480. So yes indeed a big Thank You to all

Think we even might have left a few crumbs for the church mouse.

Signup sheets are at the back of church up until September. If you would like to come and help even for an hour we would be most grateful.

Ginny and Pam.