Please pray for........

  • Alasdair Rowan, Paul Towers, Margaret Wykes, Anne McCreath, John Smith 
  • Those in our prayer corner and anyone known to us personally.
  • For Charles Page and his family and friends as we celebrate his baptism 
  • Those who are bereaved, especially the family and friends of Mavis Bowns, Nigel Bower, Mark Longleather and Ron Cooper
  • In our parish this week, we pray for all those who live and work on tafford Close, Staples Close and Tamar Road

Updated 20/10/19

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Today (Sunday 13th)  marks the start of the week of prayer for prisons. We welcomed Revd Emma Higgins, Prison Chaplain at HMP Gartree to preside and preach at our 10am service. We also heard from two members of our congregation who are involved in different ways within the Criminal Justice System,  Graham who volunteers with the Independent Monitoring Board and Rachel who works with the Jobcentre, helping prisoners to get jobs when released.

The theme for this year's week of prayer is "What does Freedom mean for You?"

He sets his people free. He made his agreement everlasting. He is holy and wonderful.’ Psalm 111:9 (NCV

"God’s will and intention for all his people is freedom – the freedom to be the people he created them to be. As Prison Chaplains we work with people who often find it hard to believe that God has any interest in them or their lives. They struggle with the concept that they are made in the image of God and do not dare to hope that they may have a future in God which does not involve crime, arrest and imprisonment. In the same way, those whose lives have been marred by crime and its effects, or whose work brings them into daily contact with its destructiveness, often struggle to see a new future in which the promise of freedom in Christ might be fulfilled. This Prisons Week we give thanks that the freedom which God offers is available to all, even to those whose liberty has been temporarily or permanently taken away by society. As we pray together for all those who come into contact with the criminal justice system in any way, we share in that work of establishing God’s covenant of redemption – that each person, precious to God, might discover what freedom can truly mean for them."

The Ven. James Ridge, Chaplain General/Head of Faith Services, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service


 Prayers for the Week of Prayer for Prisons

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allsouls2This years's service of commemoration and thanksgiving will be held on Sunday 3rd November at 6.30pm, to which everyone is invited.

We remember especially those departed in the last year at this service.

If you would like remember someone by name please add the name to the list at the back of church  no later than Wednesday 30th October

Following our evening communion service on Sunday 6th October during which we celebrated our Harvest Festival, we enjoyed a fantastic Harvest Tea . Our thanks to Ginny, Pam and Joy for organising this event.  36 of us sat down to a feast of Quiche, Pork Pies, Cooked Meats, Cheese, Salad and Bread, followed by deserts of Trifle, Cheesecake, Fresh fruit Salad not forgetting copious amounts of tea.

Pew News is our weekly newsheet giving details of services and other activities at St James and also St Botolph Burton Hastings.

Please feel free to print your own copy by clicking the appropriate links. The documents  are in PDF format.

After volunteering to produce the weekly news sheet during the interregnum when Fr. Paul left, Pam would now like to take a  step back, while she concentrates on other things in Church life. Would you be willing to help put our weekly news sheet together?

It’s not an onerous task and there would be plenty of help on hand. Please speak to Pam or Charles if you’re interested.



October 6th

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 We are looking to recruit new members for the 100 club for 2019.

The 100 club provides a great source of revenue for our church.

Anyone interested in joining should speak to Richard, Chris Worley, Kay or Michael.

100 Club Winners

September 2019 £300 Cliff Hall (41) £100 Janet Cole (70) £50 Shirley Smith (112) £25 Ginny Castledine (106)
August 2019 £100 Graham Nuttall (7) £50 Pat Orrill (20) £25 Bob Harban (50) £25 Alan Godfrey (3)
May 2019 £100 Keith Farndon (107) £50 Margaret Olner(118) £25 Janet Carr (115) £25 Dennis Hodgetts (72)
April 2019 £100 Valerie Downes (95) £50 Margaret Carvell (86)  £25 Cliff Hall (46) £25 Margaret Carvell (54)
March 2019 £300 Peter Furnical (84) £100 Susan Hodgetts (35) £50 David Wykes (10) £25 Katy Hodgins (30)
February 2019 £100  Sybil Randle (85) £50 Rosemary Nesbitt (82) £25 Jennifer Essex (48) £25 Simon Hodgins 
January 2019 £100 Cliff Hall (28) £50 Paul Whitehead (101) £25 Katie Hodgkins (30) £25 Ruth Walker (49)
 December 2018 £300 Amanda Smith (71) £100 Anne McCreath (67) £50 Pat Orrill (20) £25 Cynthia Breweton (1)
 November 2018        
 October 2018        
September 2018 £300 - May Davies (11) £100 - Julian Gutteridge (62) £50 - Marion Chapman (89) £25 - Norma Slack (105)
August 2018 £100 - Bill Hackett (19) £50 - Margaret Olner (118) £25 - Simon Hodgkins (16) £25 - Sybil Randle (85)
July 2018 £100 -  Cathy Mathieson (109) £50 - Cynthia Brewerton (1) £25 - Rosemary Nesbitt (82) £25 - Kay Whitehead (56)  
June 2018 £300 - Colin Oldham (25) £100 - Carol Corlett (91) £50 - Bill Hackett (19) £25 - Norma Slack (61)
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