As a new month begins and we continue to return to the Church building for worship, we are also opening up new ways of giving to St James Church - it is now possible to donate online.

online giving

St James relies solely on people's generosity and receives no funding from the Church of England or the Government. As you can imagine, the pandemic has had a significant impact on our financial situation - as we continue to worship, look after our building, and play our part in the community, if you are able to give it would make an enormous difference. Thank you!

Following the Prime Ministers announcement that churches will remain closed for the foreseeable future, the 100 Club Committee
decided that monthly draws for the 100 Club could not be delayed any longer.
Consequently draws took place (with social distancing and independent scrutiny) and winners are as follows:
March Draw - £300 Margaret Wykes (77) £100 Barry Downes (31) £50  Margaret Simpson (24) £25 Katy Hodgins (30)
April Draw - £100 Cliff Hall (41) £50 Anne Parkes (45) £25 Jennifer Essex (48) £25 Bob Orrill (117)
May Draw - £100 Wiggins Family (13) £50 Mark Bennett (34) £25 Val Downes(95) £25 Joy Pluckrose (60)
Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.
St James 100 Club Committee.

Many thanks to all box holders for supporting this charity.

Childrens society box

The total amount raised was £1208.50

This was a magnificent result. Well done everyone.

Kay and Michael

On Saturday 8th September the church will be open for our gift day, please follow the Stewardship link to find out more:


Please Donate, thanks you're awesom


This will be followed by a barbecue, a sign up sheet is at the back of church


We would like to thank everyone who either helped to make this day the such a success by providing refreshments or being in the church to talk to the many people who visited our wonderful church, some for the first time in their lives. As a Parish Church we do not get any financial support from the Church of England or from the Government, in fact we have to pay the Diocese of Coventry our share (The Parish Share) to enable us to have a Vicar to minister in the Village of Bulkington. Along with  this Parish Share we also have our running costs and it doesn't take much imagination to realise how much it takes to run a building such as St James Church.

The Gift Day, as of this morning (Sunday 9th September) raised a fantastic £12,200, this is not the final figure as we know there is still some money to count.

It is also not too late to make a contribution and if you would llike to do so please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would like to thank everybody who has donated, without YOUR help this would not have been achieved.

Final Figure: £12,600.00

The Parocial Church Council is delighted and appreciates the wonderful support from parishioners and the wider community



Stewardship starts with recognising that all we have comes from God, and that we are all responsible for using our resources according to God's will.

Stewardship is a ministry for everyone -' each according to your means' 2Cor.8.11

Your giving is a private commitment between you and God. How much you give to God's work through St James Church, is a decision that only you can make, and it deserves careful thought.

Here are some facts that we would like you to consider:-

The Parish Share for 2018 is £50,103

  • This amount has to be paid directly to the Diocese and includes clergy costs, vicarage costs, national insurance/ pensions and training costs for new clergy.
  • At the end of June we had paid £18,103. leaving a balance of £32,000 still to be found in the remaining 6 months of the year.
  • Apart from the Parish Share we need to pay running expenses such as heating, lighting, insurance, clergy expenses etc.
  • Additionally we need to find the costs of maintaining the churchyard; this has amounted to £3,377 for the first 6 months.

You may find this as an alarming statement of faith, but we believe God has entrusted some of his work to the Church of England in our village of Bulkington. All members of the church are fallible human beings, yet still God entrusts his work to us.

Giving regularly to the church is a sharing of God's work, and takes its place alongside all the other ways in which we live lives of gratitude to him. It is God who will make our stewardship bear fruit. Let us each make our giving to St James a worthy proportion of our stewardship.

It is hoped that people will review their regular giving to the church, and to support this it is proposed to have a Gift Day on September  8th appealing to the wider community of the village.

Michael and Kay