Natural Church Development is a tool used by the diocese to identify each Church’s natural strengths and uses them to develop all areas of Church
life. This works by collecting as many people’s opinions as want to participate in a survey. There will be the chance to complete surveys about St James after the
Sunday and Wednesday services in March.


Healthy and effective church culture.

What is the one thing you could focus on in your church right now, that would bring about the greatest fruit?

NCD started and continues as the largest biblical and empirical research project into the principles of healthy church growth in the world. It is about the non-negotiables of church development when all else is stripped away.

Drawing upon the research and increased understanding from over 70,000 churches in 72 countries, across the Body of Christ, NCD is able to lighten and simplify your ministry workload by showing you exactly where your time, treasure and talent would be best spent right now.

Rather than conforming your church to a particular model, NCD’s principle-based approach brings out the unique identity and purpose of your church so it can be all that God intends it to be.