I seem to worry absolutely everything these days; but given my experience in schools I could never have imagined becoming so stressed about doing an assembly in an infant school. When the head asked me to do something about Trinity Sunday I blithely said ‘yes’. It was only later when I realised that Trinity Sunday is the only Christian celebration not based on an event that I started worrying about having to explain the purely doctrinal concept of the Holy Trinity to five-year olds.


The worrying got worse and this assembly was playing on my mind all the time. The Sunday before the assembly (significantly Pentecost) some friends in church gave me some advice and afterwards I found myself walking towards the vicarage with the Bishop of Warwick. I told him about my continual worries. I expected some words of comfort or some brilliant advice so I was quite surprised when he said, “That’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

The assembly came and went and with the help of God (and Sharon) it went really well. The children enjoyed it and I think understood a bit about the Trinity.

Afterwards I reflected on the Bishop’s words and those in his sermon. Maybe the constant worrying had been the Holy Sprit nagging me so that my planned delivery improved and maybe it was my lack of depth of faith that had not allowed me to recognise the Spirt talking to me and I wondered just how often this happens. I shall try to listen more carefully in future.

Graham Jones