I am privileged to join you as your new vicar and extremely thankful for the warm welcome that Emma and I have received since we moved to Bulkington. I’m excited for all that lies ahead for the communities of Bulkington and Burton Hastings and in my first week and a bit, I’ve had the opportunity to do lots of different things and meet lots of people. Please come and say hello!

There is a sense of anticipation building for our Christmas celebrations. We’ve already begun to welcome people for carol services and advent celebrations and we can look forward to lots more festivities. Launching into all the activities of Christmas certainly keeps a new vicar out of mischief!

Amidst the preparations for Christmas, as part of our preparation, we are invited to share in the wonderful season of Advent - four weeks that begin a new Church year. It’s in these days that God calls us to wait.


‘That’s ages away!” I wonder if you’ve ever heard those words from a young person you know when told they have to wait for something? Perhaps you have said or thought it recently! Often we’re not very good at waiting for things, and most of the time we don’t have to. So many things can come to us almost instantly.

But waiting is so important. It helps us to be more fully in the present moment, appreciating all that is good, and supporting one another when times are tough. God asks us to wait because he is more interested in the person we are gradually becoming, than what we are doing. Amongst the busyness of December, could you find a moment or two to be still, to be thankful? It will make such a difference as we look forward to celebrating that Jesus came to be with us at Christmas and has been with us ever since! Happy Advent to you all!