A Message from Charles

After tomorrow (19th July), the government will ease the majority of restrictions, including those relating to places of worship. I think that the most important thing for us as we go into this next chapter together is to bear in mind that we will each be feeling differently about the prospect of fewer restrictions. There will be those who will be feeling excited, there will be those feeling anxious and everywhere in between. Our greatest priority as Christian sisters and brothers is to care for one another.
The Church of England is yet to update their guidance and recommendations and I would suggest that the best way forward is changing step-by-step rather than bringing overwhelming change all at once. Therefore, during August we will work together to ease what we can step-by-step and listen carefully to how those changes are received. For next week (25th July), I would encourage everyone to continue wearing their face-coverings, although this will not be mandatory, and we will begin working out how we continue journeying together.