This Sunday, as well as being the 6th Sunday after Trinity, is a very special day as we will witnessing the Baptism of Rowan, who most of you will know is the son of Charles (our vicar) and Emma.

BaptismBaptism is the end of the old life we live for ourselves, and the Baptism is the end of the old life we live for ourselves, and the beginning of the new life we live for God. When the Israelites escaped from Egypt, God parted the sea and led the people to freedom. All that held the people in slavery was drowned. Jesus’death on Good Friday echoes the Israelites’ descent into the sea. Inraising Jesus from the tomb, God brings Jesus out of the sea, leaving sin and death engulfed behind him. When we are baptised, God brings these stories to life in us. God takes away the power of all that oppresses us, and we are born againin the Spirit. We are made members of the body of Christ, to share Christ’s sufferings and inherit God’s glory. We begin a life of service, to God and creation. We join a new family, everlasting and universal: the communion of saints. A lighted candle will be given to Rowan as a picture of the light of Christ conquering the darkness of evil. Everyone who is baptised walks in that light for the rest of their lives.

The service, including the Baptism, will live streamed on Facebook as usual for those who cannot be with us in person, and available afterwards on this page and on our YouTube channel

The order of service is available to download 

Download this file (Trinity 6 Holy Communion with Baptism 11Jul21.pdf)Order of Service 

Trinity 6 and Baptism

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