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Rev Charles  (Chair), Chris Catlin: Rachel Cooper: Ian Corden: May  Davis: John May: Graham Nuttall: Sybil Randle: Rachel Partridge: Sue Turner
1. Opening prayers

2,Apologies Ken Sleeman,  

3, Declarations of interest: Ian declared that he had received information/quote from a relative  regarding the logo.

4.Minutes of meetings held on 22 04 2021 and 23 05 2021The minutes of the  above meetings  were unanimously accepted as a true record. 

5.Matters arising

(a) Sounds System: An updated and additional quote had been circulated. The Finance Committee had considered this expenditure and in their minutes of  21 06 2021  had detailed how the maximum cost could be met.  The installation of wi fi was discussed with costings -  Graham felt he could achieve more favourable quotes and will do this for the next meeting .

In answer to a question regarding other potential major short term expenditure, the repair to the kitchenwindow was discussed but it was unlikely this would need to be addressed in the near future.

The PCC unanimously agreed to approve the expenditure on a new sound system. Ian, David and Rev Charles will take this forward and obtain the necessary authorisations from the Diocese.

(b) Church Logo: Enquiries made from established companies indicate that the approximate figure for the design of  logo is likely to be around £480.00. It is possible that there may be freelance designers who would offer a cheaper price. The purpose of a Church Logo was discussed and it was agreed that it was necessary to identify St James and update the Church’s image within the community and further afield.  It was unanimously agreed that the scallop shell should be the basis of the design and other ideas were put forward. It was agreed that suggestions would be sought from parishioners via the weekly newsletter and these should be sent to Ian. It was commented that attention needs to be directed to the content of the notice board at the entrance to the Churchyard and this was noted.

(c) Cremation Plot: Graham reported that further quotes had been obtained and Hacketts at £420.00 came in as the most favourable. This would allow a further 21 plots. The PCC unanimously agreed to go ahead with this quote and Graham will obtain a faculty and deal it. Rev Charles pointed out that there is some urgency with this as additional space is required in September 
(d) Pastoral Group: The role description for the Pastoral Team Co-ordinator has been obtained and Rachel Partridge had offered to fulfil this role.  Further steps will be taken to progress this Group.

(e) Memorial Plaque: Permission needs to be sought from the Archdeacon and Graham will send the details. May to forward the wording to Graham.  It is anticipated that this will be sited on the wall in the Vestry.

(f) Toddler Group: An initial meeting had been held to which interested church members had been invited and Rev Charles reported that there had been a positive outcome -  further action will be taken on this.

6. Vicar’s report: Rev Charles updated the PCC about the formation of a midweek toddler group, aiming to start in the Autumn, along with the ‘Growing Faith’ cluster. This is a sharing of resources around children’s and families ministry through the links between school, Church and home. 

7. Appointment of Vice Chairman: John May was nominated and unanimously voted as Vice ~chairman.

8. Standing Committee: The purpose of the Standing Committee was defined as a point of referral for the Vicar and for the making urgent decisions in between PCC meetings. The Members are Vicar,Treasurer, Church Wardens and PCC secretary plus one other PCC member – Ian was unanimously approved for this role.  It was agreed that up to £1000.00 could be authorisedby the Standing Committee before referral to the PCC.

9. Review of Sub-Committees:

Buildings Sub-Committee - This Committee had not met recently. However,  it was agreed that it would be useful for a meeting to be held prior to the PCC meetings so that up to date issues could be brought forward and discussed.Post Meeting Note: Members of this Committee are:Rev Charles: Brian Choules Peter Gordon John May Graham Nuttall Sue Turner (chair) Rachel Partridge

Worship Committee: Rev Charles has informally contacted members of this Committee although no formal meeting has been held. Post Meeting note: Members of this Committee are:Rev Charles,  Ken Sleeman, Sue Turner, Audrey Watkins, Kerry West and Ian Corden

Finance Committee:This Committee meets before each PCC meeting.Post Meeting Note: Members of this Committee are:Rev Charle,s Rachel Partridge, Sue Turner, Kay Whitehead, Michael Whitehead, Vic Brindley and Chris Catlin 

10. Reports from Sub-Committees:

(a) Buildings Sub-Committee No meeting had been held.

(b) Worship Sub-Committee:No formal meeting had been held.

(c) Finance Sub-Committee: Minutes of the meeting held on 21 06 2021 had been circulated together with the applicationf or a reduction in the Parish Share, Budget for 2021 and financial projections for 2021.
As at the end of June we are £7500 up on our budget - mainly due to increases in the giving and funeral fee income and overheads being lower than expected. The Finance Committee considered paying more towards our Parish Share.  £14,000 so far this year. With some doubt over future wedding fee income the recommendation was to leave the request to reduce the parish share as it was. Since the Finance Committee met  advice has been received that the final payment for the mobile phone mast was the one received in June. There will be no payment in September reducing the income further.  The final draft of the parish share reduction application has now been completed and can be submitted. All outstanding funeral director invoices have been collected. The buildings insurance is being renewed with the existing company, Trinitas, this month. The bell ringers have reported ongoing movement in the tower  - this was discussed and it was  unanimously agreed  that the  insurance company should be advised  --  Chris will deal with this.The Chairman thanked Chris for his commitment in ensuring the  ongoing financial stability of St James.

11.PCC Vacancy: There is a vacancy for another member to join the PCC. If any existing member has thoughts on someone who may be interested /willing to serve and  feels  a for a face to face approach would be beneficial ,  please advise Rev Charles.

12. Restoration of Bells - Rev Charles reported that he had been invited to attend the AGM of the Bell Ringers.Their disappointment at the initial refusal of the PCC for the Restoration of the Bells at the time the application was made was raised and  they requested the PCC to now reconsider this. A lengthy discussion took place taking into consideration of the  many aspects of this request.  In conclusion it was agreed that Chris Catlin, Rachel Partridge and Rev Charles should meet with two representatives from the Bell Ringers to initiate discussionon the way forward. Rev Charles will deal with this in the first instance. 

13. Safeguarding Update:There was nothing to report

14. Eco Audit – energy consumption:The  Diocese has offered an eco audit free of charge and it was agreed that thisshould be accepted.

15. Any other business - The Queens Green Canopy Project;Graham discussed briefly the above project ,  the details of which can be found inthe websites detailed.  Further discussion will take place on this in due course.

16.Date of next meeting –14/09/2021

17.Closing prayers - Ian

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