For sometime now we have been having various issues with the sound system at St James, although recently it has been behaving itself !

Since the pandemic we have found that many people have found the live streaming of services to have been a useful way of connecting with St James. We know that some have been watching us live but also many afterwards. However the live streaming has been very basic, using a mobile phone. 

I am pleased to say that this is about to change, and we will be having a new sound and video system installed next week. The team have a big learning curve and I'm sure that we will make mistakes so please bear with us while we get used to the new systems.

What will change?

For those in church, I'm sure you will notice an improved audio quality, new microphones and new smaller speakers

For those watching online, a new 360 PTZ camera mounted so you can see more of the service, the ability to add extra cameras, improved audio quality as the audio will be fed from the sound system, the ability to display other items for instance the order of service. Direct feed to streaming platforms - Facebook live at first as it is at the moment, but the ability to simultanously stream to other platforms is possible. Not everything will probably be available on day 1.

ATEM Mini Pro

We are pleased to be working with Music Gear Installations of Nottingham who were chosen by the PCC to supply and install the equipment and will also be providing the training.