So Many…

So long ago, so many tears,

Remembering for a hundred years.

Poppy seeds burst into life,

Where life was lost to cruel strife.

The Skylarks sang above the fallen,

As if to say, “This way to Heaven”

We stand and stare at fields now white,

Loved ones beneath our feet, “Sleep tight”

So many crosses, so many names,

Of those who died on these foreign plains.

Tears fall silently to the ground,

A bugle played, the only sound.

We give our thanks , O Lord our God,

To those you gave your staff and rod.

We hope and pray to see no more,

The horrors of war upon our shore.

With thanks and gratitude, we live on,

For them, the battle bravely won.

God bless the souls who paid the price,

Of the ultimate………...sacrifice.

                               Virginia Castledine.