The latest updates for our social networking platform (St James Community) has been carried out and hope that you wil find it a useful addition to the website. I am aware that not everyone has facebook, twitter or other platforms and so this is intended to fill those gaps and also as a way of keeping in touch with our friends at St James and also St Botolph. and the wider community. Events and Photos can be posted on here and links to other sites. You can also have a private message with other registered members.

In order to post on the pages you will need to register for an account, all requests will be moderated and approved.

There are two places in which you can log in or register.

login instructions menu The first is from the left hand menu, select St James Community and a submenu opens up, one of the options is to Join Us , further down there is a login  option. Just selecting the main community  option with out going to the submenu will display latest activity.




login instructions 2The second place you can login/register is on the right hand side of any of the web pages

Download this file (Use of the Community Social Network.pdf)Use of the Community Social Network.pdf 

A new facility has been added to the Community Portal (Social Network). Guests can view posts but not create (at this stage), registered users have full access although moderation will be in place to start off with

Just click on the link and the forum menu will be on the left hand side.

Lets get some topics started:

  • not sure what something means in our worship? ask the forum and someone will know the answer
  • have a favourite quote, biblical or other, start a discussion 
  • How about a prayer circle

These are just suggestions, feel free to add your own.


This years Holy Week is obviously going to be a lot different from any normal Holy Week. This, however will not stop us from walking with Jesus. Charles, our vicar, has prepared a booklet for us to follow.

The are 2 versions of the booklet, one which if printed off will be in booklet form, the 2nd is in consecutive form. If you have access to a printer I would recommend printing the booklet form and keep it for your use during the week.

There will be 2 videos published on Sunday (Palm Sunday), the first is a Cafe Worship and the 2nd will be the Palm Sunday Holy Communion. The sermon is contained within the Holy Communion video and the text will be published in the usual podcast menu.

Download this file (Holy Week 2020.pdf)Holy Week Booklet (continuous) 
Download this file (Holy Week 2020 booklet1.pdf)Holy Week Booklet  

During this Coronavirus Pandemic and the fact that we are not able to meet as community, I am currently building a social network channel similar to other well known social networks but limited to the St James and St Botolph Communities. In order to access the system you will need to register for an account but this will have to approved prior to access. It will also initially only available on the website by logging in and therefore the casual visitor will not be able to view the posts. This may change if the system provides us wuth the necessary controls which it appears to do. 

Volunteers (from St James or St Botolph congregations only please - for the time being) are now needed to sign up from the CB Logon option on the right hand side of the page as shown on the image below. After signing up you will need to wait for confirmation that you have been approved. 

Instructions on how to register for an account, I will be restricting initial access numbers so there may be a short wait before you get approved. It is work in progress so content and layout may change.


CB Logon


Please go to your profile either by clicking on the image and then edit your profile to change the avatar to a real photo preferably 

cb profile

Functionality is limited at the moment, you will be able to send private messages to other users and create a blog message

I will update this page with more information and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on here. Please message me with any comments.

Hopefully this will enable us to post positive items to help us get through this current situation. Naturally as with all new things I will appreciate your feedback especially if it looks like something we can continue to use when we get back to normal

thanks for your support, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Sermon today is recorded by Sue (29th March) and provided the text so that you can still feel part of the worship even though we cannot been in Church.

Charles has recorded the Collect, Old and New Testament readings and the Gospel, all of which are separate audio files in the Sermon Podcast area

Remember that the church is not just the building where we normally worship but us, the people.

Click on  Sermons (Audio) to go to this sermon, along with the full list of previous recordings. Click on the additional file to download the text. If you have any problems please email the webmaster who can arrange for the files to changed to a different format

As well as listening online, you can also download the audio file to listen offline, by clicking on the download icon to the right of the listing, next to the number of hits download icon


The bible readings as a PDF file for this week are also available by clicking on the attachment below


We hope that you are finding this new resource a useful addition to our worship and mission to the local and wider community.

We are very sorry to say that, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, we are cancelling all public worship services until further notice. This is in line with a letter published today by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, which you can read below.

As the Archbishops say in their letter, this does not mean that the Church will stop serving the parish – we will need to be imaginative about how we worship and pray. Facebook will play a part in this and we will update this page with details of how we will offer support and prayer.

Please be assured of our prayers for all of Bulkington. If you would like to be in touch please phone Rev Charles on 07954072164 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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