After some technical issues with our website which transpired that the Hosting provider we were using until this was not compatible with the content management system (CMS) being used. This was not identified until a problem arose whereby I could not save any new articles. The problem did arise earlier in the year but the hosting company were able to get it working again. However recently the problem  re-appeared and the hosting company were unable to satisfactorily able to resolve the problem.

It was then decided to transfer our domain and website to another provider.

This has now been carried out, with the migration being carried out by the new hosting company.

From the users point of view nothing should look any different, this is a backend change.


Unfortunately we have been experiencing an issue with our website and have been unable to create new articles or update the calendar. I am hoping that this has now been resolved by our hosting provider and I will soon be able to update the site again. 

Update 19/8/19 Unfortunately the problem arose again over the weekend, I have been working with our hosting company as it was initially a server side issue, things seem to working again, although I am still  missing some functionality.

You are invited...

... to an exhibition given by the Wolvey Local History Group about the heritage of Burton Hastings at St Botolph's Church on Saturday 3rd August. Drop in any time between 2-4:30pm

Feast Day of St James...

...our patron saint is on Thursday 25th July. We will celebrate St James* example of faith at our midweek communion service on Wednesday 24th July at I0am. All are welcome.


This Sunday (7th July) is our regular monthly Cafe Church at 10am, normally  refeshments are served before the service but as this is also Bulkington Carnivalm refreshments will be served afterwards. All are welcome to join us

On Sunday 30th June the congregation of St James Bulkington and St Botolph Burton Hastings joined together for a joint Communion service. 

Prior to the service, the village will have heard all 5 bells being rung for a Sunday mornng service, this is not a regular occurence although they are rung for Sunday Evensong. On this occasion ringers from Bulkington rang methods including Plain Bob Minor and Steadman.

After the service refreshments were served in the church grounds.


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