The beginning of a New Year is The beginning of a New Year is naturally a time for thinking about what has happened over the last year, and our hopes for the coming year.

Charles and Emma would love to invite people to come to the Vicarage for a simple meal of jacket potatoes and toppings in the evening/lunchtime to discuss where God is leading us as a Church in the future,as well as reflecting on the past year.

There are five dates for people to sign up for at the back of Church, with more to follow. It would be great if as many people as possible could come along.

Please keep the lunchtimes for those with younger family members and those who find it difficult to come out in the evenings.

Any questions, please speak to Charles or Emma.


Do you like mysteries? 


Famous detectives unravelling a complicated plot, aDo you like mysteries?

Famous detectives unravelling a complicated plot, agroup of police tracking down a villain at all costs. Or perhaps you like grappling with a difficult riddle or working to complete a puzzle?

Mysteries, real orimagined enthral and intrigue so many.

What is a mystery? Some of these things suggest it’s a  complicated truth that’s to be grappled with and enjoyed. It’s something with depth that captures us. Maybe we think of mysteries as too complicated to bother with.

The Bible uses the word mystery to mean ‘a truth that can only be revealed by God’. During January the Church celebrates the feast and season of Epiphany.

Epiphany means “appearance”. We celebrate Jesus appearing on Earth and that in him God reveals a mystery – he shows us who he is in Jesus.

In mystery stories, the central character often has an epiphany as well – a sudden idea that turns the whole case around. We might call it a “light bulb moment”. I wonderif any light bulb moments stand out in your memory?

Over the weeks of Epiphany, we’ll explore some moments where Jesus helped people to realise more of who God is – at his baptism, when he called his first disciples, and began his ministry on Earth

.When we meet Jesus, when we have those lightbulb moments and realise moreabout him, it is another step on a life-changing journey.


A very happy new year to you all - let’s look forward to sharing the journey together!

St James Bell Ringers celebrated 2020 by carrying out the annual event of ringing in the New Year. This was preceeded by the ringers and partners having a social get together at the home of one of the ringers.

Our ringers this year were Geoff (Tower Captain). Joy, Jean, Kay, Sue, Dave, Chris (Bedworth) Gerald and Sue (Wolvey) and Nigel (Erdington, used to ring at Bulkington) and non-ringers were Rachel and Michael.

All 8 bells were rung, with 2 rounds of call changes preceeding the 12 rings of the Tenor bell at midnight followed by another round of call changes.

New Years Eve Bell Ringers Party IMG 20191231 220318RingersIMG 0451


We are experimenting with loading audio files of sermons as a podcast. The first one is from this week's communion service (17/11/19) at St James and is currently only available on our website.

The second one was recorded during Evensong at St Botolph Burton Hastings.

Eventually we may look as promoting St James Church by uploading them to other podcasting platforms.

We are currently limited in the technical aspect of providing this service, but if it proves to be a useful resource then we may be able to look at improving the equipment. 

Go to the Sermons (audio) menu item to try this out

 We are looking to recruit new members for the 100 club for 2019.

The 100 club provides a great source of revenue for our church.

As we approach the end of another successful year, we have a few spare numbers for 2020. Anyone interested in joining for 2020 pleasecontact Kay, Michael, Richard or Chris Worley.

100 Club Winners

December 2019 £300 May Davis (11) £100 Dennis Bishop (113) £50 Janet Cole (70) £25 Kay Whitehead (69)
November 2019 £100 Ann Parkes (45) £50 David Alford (78) £25 Chris Catlin (76) £25 Shirley Smith (112)
September 2019 £300 Cliff Hall (41) £100 Janet Cole (70) £50 Shirley Smith (112) £25 Ginny Castledine (106)
August 2019 £100 Graham Nuttall (7) £50 Pat Orrill (20) £25 Bob Harban (50) £25 Alan Godfrey (3)
May 2019 £100 Keith Farndon (107) £50 Margaret Olner(118) £25 Janet Carr (115) £25 Dennis Hodgetts (72)
April 2019 £100 Valerie Downes (95) £50 Margaret Carvell (86)  £25 Cliff Hall (46) £25 Margaret Carvell (54)
March 2019 £300 Peter Furnical (84) £100 Susan Hodgetts (35) £50 David Wykes (10) £25 Katy Hodgins (30)
February 2019 £100  Sybil Randle (85) £50 Rosemary Nesbitt (82) £25 Jennifer Essex (48) £25 Simon Hodgins 
January 2019 £100 Cliff Hall (28) £50 Paul Whitehead (101) £25 Katie Hodgkins (30) £25 Ruth Walker (49)
 December 2018 £300 Amanda Smith (71) £100 Anne McCreath (67) £50 Pat Orrill (20) £25 Cynthia Breweton (1)
 November 2018        
 October 2018        
September 2018 £300 - May Davies (11) £100 - Julian Gutteridge (62) £50 - Marion Chapman (89) £25 - Norma Slack (105)
August 2018 £100 - Bill Hackett (19) £50 - Margaret Olner (118) £25 - Simon Hodgkins (16) £25 - Sybil Randle (85)
July 2018 £100 -  Cathy Mathieson (109) £50 - Cynthia Brewerton (1) £25 - Rosemary Nesbitt (82) £25 - Kay Whitehead (56)  
June 2018 £300 - Colin Oldham (25) £100 - Carol Corlett (91) £50 - Bill Hackett (19) £25 - Norma Slack (61)
May 2018  £100 - Bellringers (93)  £50 - Penny Hackett (55)  £25 - Jo Young (90) £25 - Mollie Frost (61)





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