Our Coffee Morning is over, St James needs time to recover.

Such a buzz and a hum did our lovely folk make, As they chatted away while sampling our cake.

Anne had the raffle with prizes galore.As she welcomed all who came through the door.

Kitchen staff were kept on their toes, As orders for drinks steadily rose, Elizabeth on coffee, and Brian on teas,

Ginny and Pam

Expertly dispatched, they are the bees knees,

Trays of this, and trays of that Went flying through the serving hatch.

Pam with new teapots, tea towels for Jean. An organised kitchen nowhere else would be seen.

In solitary confinement, was cake cutter Ginny, Slicing and plating, and wearing her pinny.


May was kept busy serving choices of cake,

And there was our Shirley with money to take.

Chris and John had the clearing in hand, Pots and crocks swiftly returned to the stand.

Hands in the sink was the lovely Christine, Washing and cleaning the steady stream.

Amongst all the, bustle were Charles and Sybil. Office duties were„ca|ling, no time for a nibble.

Twelve thirty arrived - we were almost done,

And in four more weeks, another one.

V. M. C.