Tuesday 19 January 2021


John May (Chair), Sue Turner, Rachel Partridge, Chris Catlin, Graham Nuttall, Ian Corden, Sybil Randle, Vicki Buckley

Opening prayers


Rev Charles Higgins, Rachel Cooper, Ken Sleeman, Iris Duggan

Declarations of interest


Minutes of meeting held on 24.11.20

The minutes of the meeting held on 24.11.20 were unanimously accepted as a true record.


Matters arising

There were no matters arising

Vicar’s report

The Vicar’s report had been sent to PCC members before the hearing and is attached to these minutes

Reports from sub-committees

Buildings Sub-committee – The committee had not met since the last PCC meeting.

Graham Nuttall reported that the builder had inspected the pinnacle on the church roof and confirmed that it is safe at present.

Worship Sub-committee – The committee had not met since the last PCC meeting

Finance Sub-committee – Chris Catlin reported that the church had ended the year in a stronger financial position than had been forecast having reduced overheads where possible, received a constant stream of income due to the Parish Giving Scheme, and continued to receive rent for the mobile telephone mast. As a result, the Finance sub-committee had decided to make a final parish share payment of £8000 in December taking the total payment for the year to £34,600 - exceeding the minimum target payment of £30,000.

The bank account currently stands at £10,885.48, which includes the balance of the Remembrance Garden Account.

The changes already agreed to the bank-signing mandate will be confirmed shortly, and the 2020 accounts should be ready for submission to the auditors within the next week.

The Finance sub-committee recommended that funeral directors should no longer be asked to request donations to the churchyard of £90 from bereaved families.

The PCC unanimously endorsed that recommendation.


Nothing to report


The PCC agreed that letters of thanks should be sent on its behalf to:

Lubs Cvetkovic and his team of volunteers for their work over Christmas assembling and distributing food hampers in the community

David Cooper for his work to enable live streaming of church services.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 02 March 2021