Tuesday 2nd March 2021


 Rev Charles  (Chair),Vicki Buckley:  Chris Catlin: Rachel Cooper: Ian Corden: May  Davis:   John May:  Graham Nuttall: Sybil Randle: Rachel Partridge: Sue Turner

1. Opening prayers

2, Apologies

 Ken Sleeman,

3, Declarations of interest

Graham Nuttall declared his interest in the item commemorative bench

4.Minutes of meeting held on  19 01  2021

The minutes of the meeting held on 19 01  2921 were unanimously accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising

There were no matters arising which were not itemised for  discussion later in the meeting.

  1. Vicar’s report:

Please see attached

In the light of recent advice and after  consideration of the  risk assessment document which had been provided by the Diocese, there was a discussion on the re opening of  attended Worship and the consensus of opinion was that St James  open on Sunday 21st March 2021. Prior to that an updated risk assessment will be undertaken and sent to the PCC.

  1. Reports from Sub-Committees:

(a) Buildings Sub-Committee:

There had been no formal meeting since the last PCC.

Commemorative plaque vestry wall – this item it still outstanding and Graham will

look into a faculty.

Extension  to Remembrance Garden – The options for the extension were discussed and it was agreed that a quote be obtained from Hackett’s in the first instance.

Commemorative bench for Jean Nuttall – this was unanimously approved in

principal and Graham will prepare  a proposal.

(b) Worship Committee:

There was nothing to report.

©  Finance Sub-Committee:

The Annual Accounts  for 2020 had been circulated.  Chris expanded on the information and pointed out that whilst income was down by only 5% expenses were down by more than 50%...  It was acknowledged that the Parish Giving Scheme had undoubtedly assisted with this.

The Parish Share for 2021 is £52, 642.00 of which £6,000 has been paid. It was unanimously agreed that an application is submitted for a reduction  in  the 2021 year offering to pay £40,000 of the total amount.

Retained Funds:

There is  £350.00 currently held in the “flower fund”. It was unanimously agreed that this be transferred to the general fund, a small float being retained.

There is £500 from a Silver Band Concert which had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. The consensus of  opinion was that this should be held by Sue until the concert takes  place later in the year and the distribution  of any  residual funds could  be discussed after the event.

As the Remembrance Garden account had now been closed and the balance transferred to the General Account  it was unanimously agreed that all future accounts/expenditure  in respect of the churchyard would be processed  by the Treasurer.

8..Internet Access:

The proposal prepared by David Cooper had been circulated. It was unanimously agreed that internet access in Church is a necessary facility. There is no provison for this in the budget forecast. . However, further costings  on the installation and monthly costs  needs to be  obtained, and Graham has agreed to do this through the Parish Buying scheme.

The PCC thanked David for the work he had carried out preparing this document.

  1. New Committee Proposals:

Pastoral Care Group and Neighbourhood Group:

Rev Charles gave  his thoughts on the purpose of these Groups.

Following  discussion Sue,Rachel P, Rachel C   and May volunteered to meet with Rev Charles to explore the, Pastoral Care Group and Ian Corden volunteered to meet with Rev Charles to explore the Neighborhood Group.

  1. Quinquennial Inspection:

Recent documentation received from the Diocese was noted.  Graham will

ascertain when the next Inspection is due.


Sue detailed the following documents which required consideration and approval by  the PCC:

  • Safeguarding Action Plan level 3
  • Responding to a Safeguarding Concern or allegation
  • Church Activities on the Dashboard

Post meeting note – the above documents accompany these minutes and will require

discussion at the next PCC meeting


Guidance has been received from the Diocese regarding the format and conditions for

this year’s APCM  and  the date by which this meeting  needs  to be held  has been postponed until the end of May.   A revised date for St James will be circulated shortly.

13.Archived Documents:

Information had been received from Michael Whitehead regarding documents which he

had  from previous projects and it was noted that these are now held in Church.

  1. Any other Business:

Vicki informed the meeting that as the Deanery Synod meetings were to be held on a Wednesday she would be unable to attend – this was noted.

  1. Date and time of next meeting:

20th April 2021 at 7.00 p.m.

  1. Closing Prayers

MD/4 03 2021