This year's Annual Parochial church meeting was held on Sunday 23rd May in Church.

Vicar’s Welcome 

A very warm welcome to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting(APCM) for this year. During this meeting we will look back on 2020,look forward to 2022, as well as fulfilling our legal duties to this parishthat has been entrusted to our care. 
Our meeting this year will focus on the question “How do we tellthe story of 2020?” What follows is a number of answers to thatquestion from many parts of the Church community and wider parish. 
As I read through these reports, there is undoubtedly evidence of thepain that the pandemic has caused – 2020 has been a year totallyunexpected and wide-reaching in its impact on our lives. At the sametime, I am also profoundly moved by the creativity and determinationon show here from everyone at St James who have found new andinnovative ways to be a valued part of the Bulkington community andto keep on meeting together. Whether it is the Café Church teamputting together video services to the Bell ringers continuing to meet,and everything in between. I shall present a fuller spoken report to theAnnual Meeting on 23rd May 2021, which will explore 2020 using threekey words: lament, celebrate, hope.
For all the twists and turns of this past year, we have journeyedtogether, for which I am so grateful. I would like to thank Sue andRachel, Ken, the PCC, and each and every member of St James who serve God, noticed and unnoticed. As ever, I am especially grateful to Vicky Buckley and May Davis for preparing the electoral roll, and toMay for her tireless efforts drawing up the paperwork for the APCMand preparing this report. 
With every blessing, Charles

Churchwardens’ Report 

Being very new to the role of Churchwarden, I am finding everything alearning curve at the moment. Thankfully Sue is always on hand and stillshouldering the majority of the responsibility. 
Having my contact details on the website and access to thechurchwardens’ email were some of the first steps and this began toopen up some of the queries to be dealt with which range fromfunerals, baptisms, graves, replacement certificates, bins, churchservices and food parcels to name but a few.
This last year has been a learning curve for us all and we have had toadapt the in–person worship to satisfy the Covid 19 guidelines whichinvolved reviewing risk assessments and cleaning rotas etc. At timesthe only services we could hold have been online services and thesafety of all the Church family has been paramount when making thesedecisions. 
We have enjoyed trying out different types of worship, such as theCarol Service in the church grounds and involving the church in thecommunity with The Wreath Festival, prayer walk and Easter Trail.We have opened the church for Bulkington Volunteers to pack anddistribute their food parcels to help families in need across the village.We have delivered daffodils to some of the Church family for Mother’sday and an Easter Message too.
Supporting Charles to enable his paternity leave to spend precious timewelcoming baby Rowan and supporting Emma was important, and wewere able to continue with the day to day running of the churchwithout too many hiccups. The support of other clergy was welcomedin taking the services for us.As someone who likes an instruction book, I find this role doesn’treally come with one but I see the job of Churchwarden as supportingCharles and the church congregation, and sometimes liaising between the two.    5 The biggest benefit to this role is the massive amount of support wereceive from everyone at St James and we would like to thank you all.It really is a team effort and everyone is willing to take a part. There isa small army of volunteers who work behind the scenes to keep thechurch going on both a day-to-day basis and long term. I am not goingto list everyone for fear of missing someone out but please be awarethat your support is very much appreciated. One thing is very clear:that without these people the church would struggle to function. So‘Go team St James!!!!’ you are awesome!!As we now begin to take the first tentative steps out of the pandemicrestrictions it gives us an opportunity to not only welcome morepeople back into the church building but also to build on the onlinelinks we have made within Bulkington Community as a whole.Last but not least, we thank Charles for his tireless support and guidance. 
Rachel Partridge (on behalf of wardens Rachel Partridge and SueTurner

The full booklet that was issued at the meeting is available for you to download and read at your leisure

Download this file (APCM Annual Report 202021.pdf)APCM Booklet