Tuesday 22 04 2021


Rev Charles  (Chair),Vicki Buckley:  Chris Catlin: Rachel Cooper: Ian Corden: May  Davis:   John May:  Graham Nuttall: Sybil Randle: Rachel Partridge: Sue Turner

  1. Opening prayers
  2. Apologies  Ken Sleeman, Iris Duggan
  3. Declarations of interest: There were no declarations of interest
  4. Minutes of meeting held on  2 03 2021 The minutes of the meeting held on 2 3 2021 were unanimously accepted as a true record.
  5. Matters arising

Extension to Remembrance Garden:

Graham reported that the quote from Hacketts was £400.00 which he thought was expensive.

Graham will make further enquiries about costings and will approach W S Gardens.He will also find out if a faculty is required.

Commemorative plaque :

Graham will make further enquiries regarding a faculty.

Neighbourhood Group:

Ian had submitted a comprehensive report which had been circulated, the content of which

was a valuable basis for discussion. The key issues which came out of the discussion were:

Activities to encourage children and young people in to Church

The establishment of a midweek toddler group and  regular Sunday school were discussed and Rev Charles will seek key people who would  be interested in involvement with these activities.

Develop a Church logo

In an attempt to  avoid costs suggestions  were to invite village folks to submit designs within specificparameters.The other suggestion was to find out how much it might cost to have this designed  professionally – Ian agreed to do this and declared that he had a family member who may be able to assist.

Utilise Social Media

It is recognised  that this is an area where many people look for information, and this has been especially evident since the start of the  pandemic -   it  is an essential tool for St James to reach the local community and beyond.

Rev Charles thanked  Ian for the work he had undertaken on this.

The Pastoral Care Group is to meet on Sunday 25 04 2021 following morning service.

  1. Vicar’s report:

Please see attached – to follolw

  1. Reports from Sub-Committees:

(a) Buildings Sub-committee:

There had been no meeting since the PCC last  met.

Graham gave an update  on the state of the kitchen window – in summary, it is not

dangerous and if this were to occur,  steps can be taken to make it safe.  The cost is likely

to be significant and it would take about  18 months to obtain the services of  a stonemason.

It was unanimously agreed to leave this matter for the time being.

(b) Worship Committee:

There had been no meeting during lockdown.

It was agreed that the evening services should  remain at 6.30 p.m. during the summer months.

(c) Finance Sub-Committee:

The report from Chris had been circulated.  Sue confirmed that she would arrange for the funds from the Flower Account to be transferred.  Chris confirmed that  the application for the reduction in the Parish Share is in the process of completion. 

Future expenditure was discussed  in relation to the sound system and internet access.

It was unanimously agreed that both items were priorities and further detailed costings were

required before proceeding.

  1. Safeguarding update:

Sue discussed the documents which had been circulated previously and answered  some

questions  which were raised.  Further safeguarding training is to be arranged when it is

safe to do so.

  1. APCM 23 05 2021

The term of office for John and Graham expires this year and Rev Charles has asked if they

would both consider standing again. Rev Charles thanked John and Graham for their significant contribution during their period of office.  Nominations will be sought for Church Wardens and a Synod Representative.

  1. Date of Next meeting:  6 July 2021 at 7.00 p.m.
  1. Closing prayers.

MD/22 04 2021