Tuesday 14 09 2021


Rev Charles (Chair), Chris Catlin: Rachel Cooper: Ian Corden: May Davis: John May: Graham Nuttall: Sybil Randle: Rachel Partridge: Ken Sleeman Sue Turner

1.Opening prayers

2.No apologies

3 Declarations of interest:
There were no declarations of interest

4.Minutes of meetings held on 6 7 2021
The minutes of the above meeting were unanimously accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising:
(a) Sound System
The contract has been awarded to MGD and it is anticipated that work will be undertaken in October, taking 2 to 3 days. A second hand i pad can be purchased at reduced cost if needed.

The final brief will be delivered to the graphic designer who is undertaking this work free of charge and it is anticipated that we should have the proposed design by October.

(c) Pastoral Group:
A meeting is being held on 26 09 2021

(d) Toddler Group:
A meeting is being held on 16 09 2021 to take the plans forward.

(e) Restoration of Bells:
A successful meeting was held between Church and Bell Ringers’ representatives
to advance the situation. Since then and after informing the insurance company of the
movement of the tower, an inspection has taken place by the Architect who undertook the last Quinquennial inspection. The outcome is there is deflection of the tower, not movement. No cracks of concern were detected and an investigation by a specialist structural engineer is recommended. The insurers have insisted that ringing ceases until the matter has been investigated. The Bell Ringers are being kept informed.

6. Vicar’s Report:
Please find this attached.

7. Reports from Sub-Committees:
(a) Buildings Sub-Committee
The Minutes from the meeting held on 31 08 2021 had been previously circulated.

Faculties are being submitted for the additional cremation plots, remembrance bench and memorial plaque and Graham will organize the printing of the plaque.

Disposal of soil from graves:
This will be addressed with the Undertakers. In the meantime Sue will arrange for the
residual soil to be removed.

Crumbling stone work:
It is noted that there are areas on the external church stonework which is crumbling It was agreed that the Quinquennial inspection, which is due in 12 months’ time, will identify the areas affected and recommendations will be made at that time.

Chris detailed some past history related to the maintenance of the hedges which had been carried out by Keith Farndon. However, Chris will speak to Keith to see if he
would be willing to undertake this work again. The Remembrance Garden was discussed and it has been agreed that this area needs to be cleared . t Michael Whitehead will be approached to ask if he knows the history of this area.

Church Wall:
It was unanimously approved that this would be repaired/restored to its original

Sandra Jones, Margaret Wilkins and Mr Hardy have carried out a significant amount of work in the churchyard and a letter of thanks will be sent to show the appreciation of the PCC.

(b) Worship Sub-Committee:
It is anticipated that this Committee will be meeting shortly to discuss
Christmas/New Year worship.

© Finance Sub-Committee:

The financial situation is ahead of where we expect to be but our forecast wedding fee income during the next quarter of £6000 is likely to be considerably less. Four weddings are booked and it is unlikely to have any more at this stage of the year.

£22,000 has been paid towards the reduced Parish Share of £40,000 that was applied for earlier this year. (Full amount £52,642). That application will be considered by the Diocesan Board of Finance this month. Even if agreed, it may be difficult to pay the remaining £18,000.
In order to generate more income it was suggested that fund raising events be organised



A brand new photocopier has been ordered as the lease on the existing one has expired. Exit fees on the old lease of £990 have been negotiated down to £350 plus VAT which includes the collection and return of the old machine. Monthly costs for the new copier on a three year lease will remain at about the same as at present but service costs have been fixed for the whole term.


8. Church Noticeboard:
It is acknowledged that a revised/new church notice board is needed. Some discussion took place on this and it was agreed to defer a final decision until the Logo is finalised.

9.Review of Sunday Worship:
It was agreed that we would go back to serving refreshments after Worship on Sunday mornings and the decision to wear masks would be with those participating. Rachel will
organise a rota.

Rev Charles had asked for comments on three questions he had circulated.
There was a valuable discussion and the overriding aspects of what we have missed during Covid restrictions were the attendance of our regular worshippers and the fellowship we have enjoyed in the past .Through the Pastoral Team it is hoped that we will be able to contact those of our regular worshippers and find out their reason for not returning to Worship
at this time.

10, Safeguarding update:
There was nothing to report

11. Any other business:
Church Wi Fi
Graham detailed the options and it was agreed to opt for a 4G router but David Cooper’s
opinion should be sought on this.

An Eco-Audit to help reduce costs is being offered and this has been arranged for

12. Date of next meeting:
16th November 2021

13 Closing prayer
The meeting close by the sharing of the Grace

Vicar’s Report to the PCC 14 September 21


I am very grateful to you all for being here in person this evening. This reflects a big sea change in our journey together over the last few months as there have been fewer restrictions on meeting together. While this is a significant change, what hasn’t changed is our priority that when we meet together we care for one another. Chiefly, that means keeping in mind that everyone’s experience of the past 18 months will be slightly different. The prospect of worship with fewer restrictions will be of great excitement to some, a source of fear to others, and everything in between. That is why we have made relatively few changes so far and part of the purpose of our meeting this evening is to review how we think that is going.

While we have been on this journey of change, we have been travelling alongside Samuel, David and Solomon. We have reflected on the fact that these stories from the Old Testament describe the depth of human experience, the ups and downs of family, in great depth. The Bible shows us who we are and who God is.

Over the last few months the summer has brought the end of term and hopefully some opportunities for different rhythms and recreation for many people. The end of term at St James was sadly marked by the leavers going into isolation and not being able to celebrate in the way they had hoped for. They were able to have a celebration at the end of last week.

We have also had the joy of more weddings and baptisms being held in Church recently. I am very grateful to Sybil, May and others for the way in which they make things happen behind the scenes and work together to welcome people and show hospitality during these celebrations. A number of folk from the PCC also had a very positive meeting with a number of the Bellringers and work is ongoing on having professional investigations to the tower.

Looking ahead, the next few months take us into the heart of God’s love. At Harvest time we will give thanks for God’s generosity, alongside hosting a coffee morning for the first time in a long time. We are reminded during All Saints that no Christian is alone and we will be giving thanks particularly for those who have died over the previous year and inviting their families to Church. Plans are afoot for Remembrance, the Christmas light switch-on, Advent and Christmas. Please pray for those and let us know if there is anything that you’d particularly like to see. Thank you, as ever, for all you bring to the life of the family called St James.