Tuesday 26 01 2022


Rev Charles  (Chair),  Rachel Cooper: Ian Corden: May  Davis:   John May:  : Rachel Partridge: Susan Turner

1.Opening prayers


Chris Catlin, Sybil Randle:Ken  Sleeman

3  Declarations of interest:

There were no declarations of interest.

 4.Minutes of meetings held on 16 11 2021

The minutes of the  above meeting  were unanimously accepted as a true record.

5.Matters Arising:

Desk for Sound System:

The recommended desk was approved and it is recommended that David Cooper go ahead and place the order.

Logo: The PCC expressed their gratitude to James for the final result.  CH and IC will make plans for its “launch” in time for Easter.  Approval was give for  gift of £100 to be made as a token of thanks to James – MD will deal with this.

Restoration of Bells:The minutes of the meeting and the costings from the 12th January were considered and some preliminary questions raised.  CH has received further more detailed costings.  It was agreed that these costings would be circulated to the PCC and a separate meeting be convened to devote an adequate amount of time for an in-depth discussion on this inviting Gerald Trevor to attend. Prior to this meeting it is suggested that specific questions from PCC members be submitted to MD so that there can be a joint approach combining questions where necessary.

On going work in Churchyard:

One of the grave diggers is offering to submit a quote for the removal of a significant amount of debris and this was thought to be a worthwhile plan  Richard Liggins, Peter Gordon, John May, Brian Choules and Vic Brindley have worked tirelessly on “ project churchyard” and the PCC is  very grateful for the work undertaken.  The suggestion was made that it may be worth approaching Lubs Cvetkovic to ask if  he would be willing to explore  the possibility of organizing a working party for a general churchyard tidy up and CH will contact him.


It was unanimously agreed that the noticeboard of choice is the Classic range with a central

panel and two side opening windows.  It was noted that Kay and Michael have generously

offered to contribute £350.00 towards the cost. In the absence of CC the exact finances available is not known – therefore the continuing progress with this will be left until CC

has returned.  In the meantime, MD will find out the cost of the installation by the company

who supply the noticeboard.

Natasha’s Law:

CH will approach Jack McCreath asking if he would be kind enough to compile a document

which details the required information to comply with Natasha’s law.

Re-Location of Choir Robes:

Nothing has happened about this so far but further discussions will be held with Peter Furnival.

  1. Vicar’s Report:

Copy attached.

A copy is attached.

A suggestion was made that consideration be given to an Advent Service t his year.


(a) Reports from Sub-Committees:

Buildings Sub-Committee:

There has been no meeting of the Buildings Sub-Committee:

GN reported that a faculty had been submitted for the plaque

Post meeting note – this has been granted

It is an anticipated that when all the debris has been removed there is likely to  be

a further 10 burial plots.

The Memorial Garden extension should  be completed within the next 4 weeks and Hackett’s

quote from last year stands.

Finance Sub-committee:

There had been no recent meeting of the Finance Sub-committee.

The annual accounts have been submitted for auditing.

In the last few days notice has been received  that The Parish Share has been reduced to

£40,000. in fact, £48,000.has already been paid. The Parish share for 2022 is set at

£48,000.  Some creative thought needs to be given to ways of increasing sources of

revenue for this coming financial year.


Worship Sub-Committee;

There was nothing to report

Pastoral Team:

The PCC was advised of the establishment and members of the pastoral team and the

working it was undertaking.  Each church member on the electoral roll has been allocated

to a member of the Pastoral Team.  So far we have been able to ensure that newsletters from

the Vicar reach all of our church members and attention is given to those of whom  we are ware need any additional contact or support.

CH has been able to take home communion to one church member. 

The PCC gave its approval for the establishment and continuation of this essential part of St James Ministry.

8.Safeguarding update:

The issues which need to be addressed will be dealt with at a separate meeting to be held on

Monday 21st February at 7.30p.m.

9.”Big Conversation”

The documentation related to this topic had been circulated.  Following discussion on the way forward, it was agreed that a Working Party consisting of  Church Wardens, PCC secretary, Ian Corden and Ken Sleeman plus three  members of the congregation be formed.

Congregation members for initial approach were agreed as Gillian Whitcroft, Annie Elson

and Anita Anthony – in reserve Vicki Buckley and David Lowrence.

MD will organise this.

Post meeting note – the first three members approached are agreeable to join this working party

  1. Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee:

After discussion it was agreed that Village activities were being planned and CH had been

invited to be on this Committee – therefore it would be appropriate for us to join forces.

Ginny will be invited to organise a display within the Church ad ST will do this.

The possibility of a “Songs of Praise” type service was raised and some thought  will be given to this. However,  it is acknowledged that a number of  people are likely to be away over this weekend and support when organising such events needs to be considered.

 11.Any other Business:


Following the recent ruling there is no legal requirement to wear masks,but those attending Church will be encouraged to wear masks when moving around the building, but it will be up to individuals.

Communal Communion Cup:

There is no guidance on the return to the use of the communal communion cup.

CH will seek the view of individuals on this topic.

13 Meetings:

Additional PCC Meeting to discuss Restoration of Bells Project and Safeguarding issues

21 2 2022 at 7.30 a.m.

PCC Meeting 21 3 2022  at 7.30 a.m.

APCM 15 5 2022 following morning service.

14 The meeting closed with the Grace