Rev Charles (Chair), Rachel Cooper: Ian Corden: May Davis:     John May: : Rachel Partridge: Susan Turner; Graham Nuttall.

1.Opening prayers


Chris Catlin, Sybil Randle:Ken Sleeman

3 Declarations of interest:

There were no declarations of interest.

 4.Minutes of meetings held on 23 02 2022 and 21 2 2022

The minutes of the above meetings were unanimously accepted as a true record.

5.Matters Arising:


CH showed the logo of choice which received favourable comments. This will

be introduced on the lead up to Easter. CH will investigate the possibility of badges featuring the logo.

Bell Restoration:

Minutes of the meeting on 21 2 2022 were circulated.   The first survey will take place on 8th April 2022.

Church Noticeboard:

The suggestion to make a public appeal for funding was suggested and it was agreed to

discuss this at the next meeting.

Natasha’s Law:

It was confirmed that this law is being adhered to at the coffee mornings and other Church events.

Big Conversation:

A successful meeting was held - IC and RC are arranging to meet with CH to feedback following which an action plan will be drawn up.

Platinum Jubilee:

CH reported on discussions from the Platinum Jubilee Village Committee and the events planned. RC suggested a “Parish Lunch” – it is a likely that there will be an event in the Village on the Saturday which could be attended. A Flower Festival at St James over the Jubilee weekend is being planned. Members from St Botolphs will contribute to this. Funds needs to be raised to finance this which ST will organise .  Refreshments will be served during the Church opening times and a rota will be established to cover this.

The programme looks as follows:

Thursday 2 6 2022                              4.00 p.m. Town Crier

                                                            Beacon Lighting

                                                            Bellringing from 19.52 – 20.22

                                                            Ecumenical service in the rec

Friday 3 6 2022                                   Picnic in the Park – Rec

Saturday 4.6.2022                              Coffee Morning

Sunday 5.6.2022                                Pentecost

                                                           Street Party, with guests invited from school and retirement communities

  1. Vicar’s Report:

Please see attached report

  1. Vision for the next 5 years:

Bishop Christopher recorded a video which can be accessed via the above website. This was discussed and differing views shared.

  1. Reports from Sub-Committees:

(a) Buildings Sub-Committee:

There had been no meeting but it was reported that Grass Cutting is due to start in April but it may be necessary to arrange an earlier cut due to the growth

Extension to the cremation plot is due to be carried out by the end of March. GN will obtain a quote to remove the soil in the churchyard.

The hedge between the churchyard and bowling club ground was discussed and CH will have a conversation with the relevant people about some kind of screening between the two areas.

b.Worship Sub-Committee:

CH raised the return of the common communion chalice, and after some discussion it was agreed that this should be re-introduced on Easter Sunday – it would be the choice of individuals to partake of this. It was also agreed to return to sung liturgy and passing round the offertory plate. The singing of two hymns would continue and CH would make a decision about members of the congregation delivering the communion elements.   CH detailed the services for Holy Week.

  1. Finance Sub-Committee:

The annual accounts for 2021 had been circulated and were approved. In his absence CC had circulated some notes on the current financial status,

CH commented that the Parish Giving Scheme had proved beneficial and mention of this facility will be emphasized at the APCM.

  1. Safeguarding Update:

There was no update on this occasion. Further safeguarding training is being arranged.

  1. Charitable Giving:

St James “charitable giving” was discussed and various views expressed on how  we should manage this in these challenging financial times remembering that

St James is a charity. It was agreed to ask the Finance Committee to discuss this and offer some advice.

  1. Website:

Comments had been received that the website was rather difficult to navigate – this is the original website which was created and is not a criticism but an observation. It was agreed that it would be worth   CH, IC and DC having a “brainstorming” session to discuss this.

  1. Any other business:

There was no other business.

  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Monday 25 04 2022 at 7.30 p.m.

  1. The meeting closed with the Grace.